• IT and Finance Make a Great Career for Prieur Leary

  • Posted on February 12, 2018
  • In most cases information technology (IT) works has to do with the storage, movement and manipulation of data. It usually happens in the context of business, but it can also be a critical part of educational and charitable pursuits, as well as in government, as well. This is exactly what Prieur Leary does; he provides IT services to companies in the financial services industry, including some that provide some of the most innovative and disruptive products in the industry. Quite often, the term information technology is used to describe computers and computer networks, although IT can involve other types of technology, as well, such as telephone, audio and video systems, as well as mobile and security devices and systems.

    Because Prieur Leary understands that cybersecurity is the greatest challenge faced by IT, he has been very diligent when it comes to that area of the information technology space. The current concern demonstrated by Prieur Leary over the security of IT systems mirrors the current state of information technology in the world. For information technology to have a future, it will be necessary to successfully address the problem of hacking. Without that, the risks could very well make the current openness of the online world a thing of the past.

    Because he has been in the IT business for so long, Prieur Leary understands that the greatest security problems are not because of the machines used, but the people who are involved in these systems at every level. One major key to conducting business online comes with knowing that the biggest threats to any IT system are internal at least as often as they’re external. For instance, ensuring that authentication privileges and access are kept up to date, so former employees can’t continue to access systems after termination is very important.

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